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Cipher? In MY Wii!? XD!

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Jul. 27th, 2009 | 12:50 am
mood: Generous
music: RS Champion 2 - PokeRemixStudio on YouTube

Haha, okay so I've been wanting to play my Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness game lately. Only problem is that both of my memory cards have save data for XD on them and I don't want to see these precious Pokemon go byebye. SO! I'm putting them up for grabs. :3 (With the exception of the legendaries. I love and use legendary Pokemon, deal with it.)

- Box 1 -
Ralts (male) Lv.20 | Jolly
Rapidash (female) Lv.40 | Lax
Hypno (female) Lv.34 | Docile
Beedrill (female) Lv.30 | Rash
Arbok (male) Lv.33 | Naive
Venomoth (male) Lv.32 | Mild
Sableye (male) Lv.33 | Sassy
Gulpin (female) Lv.17 | Naughty
Scyther (male) Lv.40 | Adamant
Farfetch'd (female) Lv.36 | Bold
Voltorb (genderless) Lv.19 | Hardy
Duskull (female) Lv.19 | Adamant
Grimer (female) Lv.23 | Bold
Magmar (male) Lv.36 | Adamant
Raticate (male) Lv.34 | Calm
Kangaskhan (female) Lv.35 | Quiet
Dodrio (female) Lv.34 | Mild
Banette (female) Lv.37 | Sassy
Pinsir (male) Lv.35 | Adamant
Hitmonlee (male) Lv.38 | Timid
Chansey (female) Lv.39 | Serious
Solrock (genderless) Lv.41 | Serious
Swellow (female) Lv.43 | Bashful
Electabuzz (female) Lv.43 | Adamant
Poliwrath (male) Lv.42 | Docile
Snorlax (male) Lv.43 | Naughty
Tauros (male) Lv.46 | Quirky
Starmie (genderless) Lv.41 | Jolly
Dugtrio (male) Lv.40 | Relaxed

- Box 2 -
Marowak (female) Lv.44 | Quiet
Lapras (female) Lv.44 | Quiet
Salamence (female) Lv.50 | Careful
Rhydon (female) Lv.46 | Lax

- Purify Chamber -
-Set 1
Spheal (male) Lv.17 | Serious
Seedot (male) Lv.17 | Docile
Mareep (female) Lv.17 | Docile

-Set 2
Baltoy (genderless) Lv.17 | Bold
Numel (male) Lv.14 | Docile
Shroomish (female) Lv.15 | Bashful
Carvanha (male) Lv.15 | Adamant

-Set 3
Ledyba (male) Lv.10 | Careful
Makuhita (male) Lv. 18 | Calm
Mawile (female) Lv.22 | Gentle
Snorunt (female) Lv. 20 | Hasty

-Set 4
Swinub (male) Lv.22 | Rash
Natu (male) Lv.22 | Gentle
Roselia (female) Lv.22 | Adamant
Seel (female) Lv.23 | Naughty

-Set 5
Spearow (male) Lv.22 | Lonely
Togepi (female) Lv.25 | Adamant
Teddiursa (female) Lv.11 | Bold
Meowth (female) Lv.22 | Lonely

-Set 6
Shellder (male) Lv.29 | Modest
Nosepass (male) Lv.26 | Bashful
Houndoom (female) Lv.40 | Serious
Paras (male) Lv.28 | Lonely

-Set 7
Lunatone (genderless) Lv.25 | Docile
Growlithe (male) Lv.28 | Adamant
Spinarak (male) Lv.14 | Adamant
Tangela (male) Lv.30 | Quirky

-Set 8
Magneton (genderless) Lv.30 | Adamant
Pidgeotto (female) Lv.30 | Relaxed
Butterfree (male) Lv.30 | Brave
Primeape (female) Lv.34 | Rash

-Set 9
Golduck (female) Lv.33 | Hasty
Magcargo (female) Lv.38 | Serious
Pineco (female) Lv.20 | Lonely
Weepinbell (male) Lv.32 | Mild

- Party -
Vaporeon (male) Lv.49 | Bashful
Ninetales (female) Lv.48 | Hardy
Altaria (male) Lv.49 | Hasty
Zangoose (male) Lv.48 | Bold
Mightyena (female) Lv.45 | Brave
Delcatty (female) Lv.45 | Brave

Yep, there you have it. There's a few shadow Pokemon that are still running loose, but I have most of them anyway. (Unless someone wants that Dragonite...)

Pfft. Not like anyone will want any of these (with the special XD moves, eh eh?), but it's worth a shot. Now, request away. :P

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(no subject)

from: anonymous
date: Jul. 27th, 2009 07:54 am (UTC)

i kno wher u liv

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(no subject)

from: maya_massupi
date: Aug. 10th, 2009 04:54 am (UTC)

-pouts.- I still know where you live munchkin. D:

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Okami Ershin

(no subject)

from: okami_ershin
date: Jul. 29th, 2009 11:10 pm (UTC)

set 7 plox, o:

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