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...holy dragons! (or, y'know... not?)

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Feb. 11th, 2010 | 02:58 pm
mood: tired

Journal update go!

Anyway. I decided to try out this MMORPG that a buddy of mine had told me about before...


...I'm barely even Level 10 (on my first character, no less) and I'm addicted. ;A; I-it's like MapleStory except ten times better!

Name of the game, you ask? Dragonica


Yurp, expect me to be playing this a lot in the near future. O:

...and I do apologize if half of this entry is blown out of proportion... I haven't had any sleep in the last... oh... 18 hours. >.<;;

On a completely different subject: yes, I pre-ordered Soul Silver. I mean, c'mon, would you expect anything else from me? xD

*poofs off to play more game*

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