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Yeah whatever and SoulSilver garbage

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Mar. 19th, 2010 | 02:35 am
mood: blah
music: HGSS Raikou theme

Jenni is not in a happy mood as of this moment, so she's randomly updating her journal. Mood might change by the end, not sure though.

Ehh... so I got SoulSilver and have been playing it a lot since I could get it out of the box. I guess I'll just type about that a little.

Started with Totodile. I was going to go with Cyndaquil but since everyone was getting the little Fire-type starter, I decided to go with the cute little Water-type. It turned out to be a decent choice, and frankly, I have to say that I love Croconaw's overworld sprite. Stuck an Everstone on my Croconaw now because it's just that cute... and because I want it to learn Aqua Tail already. D:

Anyway, the only trouble I've had while playing SoulSilver so far was beating Falkner. Heh... I had spent my time training a Sentret and the poor thing alone wasn't enough to beat that Pidgeotto. I managed a win after wasting a bunch of Potions to keep my Totodile battling.

Now I'm all the way up in Mahogany Town taking on a bunch of Team Rocket members to stop their evil Magikarp-evolving scheme. (Team Galactic is still better, I'll have you know.) I decided that since I was 8 levels behind Jasmine's Steelix, I would take my time in the hideout and defeat every single Pokémon and Trainer in there. I purposely went across all of the "exploding" tiles and battled all of the Voltorb/Geodude/Koffing just for the experience. D: I believe I just got the first password and am now going back in to learn the second one.

My team? Of course I have to boast about my team, yes? Right. I'll just list them in the order they are right at this very moment.
Furret Lv.30 is my Surf/Strength 'mon.
Flaaffy Lv.29 Oops, looks like I'm battling with this one next.
Crobat Lv.30 Got it for the lulz.
Croconaw Lv.30 Balanced team is a go, please.
Raticate Lv.30 is my Cut/Rock Smash 'mon.
Vulpix Lv.29 Ah, this one needs some more training too... and a Fire Stone. :C

Totally under-leveled. D;

Raikou and Entei are totally stalking me, by the way. I've been very careful to try and not run into them, unless I've saved beforehand and want to try a capture. :C I don't know whether I have no skills with anything other than classic Pokéballs, Great Balls, and Ultra Balls or what, but Fast Balls don't seem to be working for me. |: Darn you Entei and Raikou and your snappy music. *shakefist*

Well, as I thought, I'm feeling slightly better after typing this out, so I'll head on back to thwarting Team Rocket's operation in Mahogany Town/Lake of Rage. FOR CYRUS! TEAM GALACTIC! THE GOOD OF POKéMON EVERYWHERE!
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